They see me strollin’…

I’ve been a mom for almost 13 years now…..(when I say that out loud I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach haha.) But I know my strollers. I know that they’re bulky, ugly, stressful to travel with and most times I’ve even gone without one just to avoid the troubles.

I recently came across the Cosatto Supa umbrella stroller and I was instantly drawn to it. So bright, colorful and fun!!!!

 just had to test this baby out. After researching their pattern options, I decided that the Spectroluxe was our jam! It looks like digital pixels- perfect for my photographer heart.

The fact that this stroller has so many cool features was an amazing bonus. We can’t just have a cute stroller, right? We mamas need features that help us out- we only have 2 hands….and most times those are occupied. I love the fact that when you fold up the stroller, it has its own stand so it doesn’t need to be leaned up against a wall (because we all know that they slide and fall anyways when its propped up).

Another necessity is a cup holder. When we are shopping, working out, or just sight seeing we need a place to put our alcohol water. There may or may not be wine in here. you can keep your babe’s apple juice in the basket under the seat just in case they get thirsty and want some of your alcohol water.

I had no clue until I was setting the stroller up that it has a built in speaker for you & your munchkin to listen to Gangster rap to while at the farmer’s market. How INSANE is this?!? As a music fanatic, this feature completely stole my heart.

Maybe this feature will make me more motivated to walk the trail?……nah! lol You can also use the speaker pocket for your keys, wallet and other loose things you probably have in your hand.

The shade for the Supa goes down so much further than a regular stroller- especially an umbrella stroller! This feature is going to be great for those mid-day naps. Gotta protect them from the harsh sun. But lets talk about my ALL….TIME….FAVORITE….FEATURE….you ready?

It has a waterproof pocket for your iPad so your babe can sit still for your errnads! Um……hello?! Every mom needs this. I cant tell you how many sales I’ve missed because this turd wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to checkout. Life saver right here! (my husband doesn’t agree)

The tiny details kill me.

On top of everything else, The Cosatto  Supa stroller comes with features like built in chest pads (not shown), 4-way reversible Cosy Toes with zip-off liner for cool weather and a rain-cover. It also has 4 reclining positions that you can adjust with one hand-easy peasy! *Giselle just turned 3 and is about 30lbs and is seating in the most upright position*

With all this said, I would recommend this stroller to all our friends. And I’m going to be so sad when Gigi grows out of this!

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